How to (and How Not to) Save Money Shaving

The disposable razor industry is a shameful sham. You buy a $10 razor with 2 additional disposable heads, then have to pony up $20 in a few weeks when those heads are trashed. And in a few months, you’re dipping inot the bank again. Oh—don’t forget the shaving cream.

Don’t. Do. This. There are dozens of easy and effective ways to avoid paying out the ears for a clean shave.

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Unlikely but Awesome Credit Card Benefits

The endless search for the biggest, baddest, boldest credit card rewards is a general bore to read about. But a few cards offer perks that, while they may not be the best for YOU, are just fun to read about. Click the link to take a look!

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Want New Stuff? Look to the Curb.

Perfectly good stuff is kicked to the curb every day, and depending on what your town thinks, it’s yours to take—legally and totally free. Here’s how to find it.

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SCHEME: Go Out for Breakfast

Fact: Breakfast food is delicious. Fresh bagels, buttermilk pancakes, belgian waffles, scrambled eggs (with plenty of yolk), link sausage, deluxe omelette—is your mouth watering yet?

So why don’t we ever go out for breakfast? What’s so great about dinner?

Here are a few reasons—I just made them up—why nobody goes out for breakfast . . . and reasons why these ‘reasons’ shouldn’t stop you . . .

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Get an Online Savings Account

What’s the easiest way to get your money earning money without risking any of it or putting it out of your reach?

It’s not a 3-letter word or an investment in natural resources—it’s just a savings account. But it’s all online.

Online savings accounts work just like regular savings account, but the banks that run them—even when they’re affiliated with the bank on your block—don’t have (or have only a handful of) physical buildings to bring cash to.

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