What Is This?

This site is all about your money.

Most twenty-somethings have a money problem. It’s not that we’re spending on the wrong things, or that we’re not saving, or that we’re not putting our money in the right places. These are mostly true, but they’re just symptoms of our problem.

Our problem is that we don’t like to think about our money. We don’t like talking about it, except when we’re bragging about knowing the next hot tech stock. We don’t like looking at it, except when we get paid or our tax return comes in. And—unless we think we’re perfect money managers—we sure don’ t like thinking about it.

I think we’re afraid of money. The idea that our next paycheck could go toward our retirement fund, our future house, our kids’ education, our twice-a-year vacations, our pit of student loans, and our next drink . . . our wallets are being pulled in too many directions. And it’s easier to just not think about it.

Which is exactly why I started this site: because not thinking about your money is the worst thing you can do with it.

Being a super saver doesn’t have to be hard. Most if it’s really easy. And the parts that aren’t as easy—you can work your way into those.

But here’s the best part. Any step you take toward better money-thinking feels good. And the better you get at it, the better you feel.

So let’s start thinking—and talking—about our money.


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