SCHEME: Go Out for Breakfast

September 17, 2009 at 11:56 PM Leave a comment

Fact: Breakfast food is delicious. Fresh bagels, buttermilk pancakes, belgian waffles, scrambled eggs (with plenty of yolk), link sausage, deluxe omelette—is your mouth watering yet?

So why don’t we ever go out for breakfast? What’s so great about dinner?

Here are a few reasons—I just made them up—why nobody goes out for breakfast . . . and reasons why these ‘reasons’ shouldn’t stop you:

It’s too early! “Work starts at 9 (or 9:30, or 10), I didn’t go to bed until 12 last night, and nothing but my imminent job loss is going to get me out of bed a minute early.”

You’re missing out! Not only does rising early rock, but you’re missing the most relaxing time of day. Picture this: Get up early, go for a walk or a jog, take a nice long shower, meet for some eats, and still have 20 minutes to kill for lunch. You’ll have already had part of a great day by the time you get to work, and you’ll have seen people and scenes you didn’t know existed before 8AM.

My friends will never go for it. “Grabbing breakfast sounds like fun, but finding someone willing to come with? No way. I might as well not even throw an offer out—nobody’ll bite.”

You’re selling your friends short. Okay, they’re going to need some convincing. But we’re not talking about a Breakfast Club (which, by the way, is one of the worst movies ever). This is a one-time break-the-mold kind of deal. If it flies, do it again . . . and if it flops, at least you got to see some crazy morning runners.

I’ll be exhausted by the time 2PM rolls around. “Look, I’ve got my work routine down . . . roll out of bed in time to get there, late breakfast at the office, lunch out with friends, try to fight the afternoon nods to keep being a productive employee, and finally wake up at 6PM, when work ends and my day begins. It’s not glamorous, but dammit, it works for me.”

You won’t—just try it. I get up early most days. Eat a big breakfast at home (I don’t meet up for breakfast—yet, anyway), surf the internet, go for a jog, come home and stretch, take a long hot shower, and have plenty of time for my commute. I’m awake when I get to work and I’m in a good mood all day. My early mornings don’t hit me ’til late evening, when I’m exhausted enough to sleep soundly and do it all over again. It’s solid. Just try it.

But, well, what’s the point? “Mornings sound nice and all, but what makes breakfast better than dinner? And isn’t this a money blog? What’s this have to do with money?”

Here’s the big point: Buying breakfast saves big money. A lot of the same restaurants that charge $15 for dinner entrees have $5 breakfast specials. And plenty of delis and diners open early and slash their prices for the early bird crew.

So if you want to grab one meal out with a friend today—especially if you’re paying—try breakfast. You’ll see a whole different neighborhood scene, you’ll rediscover an amazing meal, and your wallet won’t feel much thinner.


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